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About Radio Upatyaka


Narayan Pariwar Club (NPC)

People’s participation is most important factor for sustainable development of any country. Youths are active group of human resource and they have to play vital role for upliftment of the community and country. Considering the facts, NPC is established by a group of socially aware local youths in 1975  A.D. (2032 B. S.). NPC is a non government, non-profit, voluntary social welfare organization. It regardless the difference in race, sex, and religion and it is registered in Kathmandu District Admininistration Office  of Nepal Government and affiliated to Social Welfare Council. The main objectives of NPC is all round youth development, community development, preserve the culture, heritage, and environment and aware general public for positive change. Since establishment (for more than last forty years) NPC had conducted various program to  fulfill its objectives. At present it is running a free health service centre, Operating a community FM Radio called Radio Upatyaka and various skill development program. NPC has its own modern building at Wonde, Kathmandu Metropolitan City ward No. 12. It is governed by a 13 member executive committee.  Which include office bearers also The executive committee members are elected by general assembly for fixed term period. Different management committee/Sub Committee are also set up to implement various projects according to the nature of the activities.   Project are implemented in collaboration/ partnership with different organizations.

What is Radio Upatyaka 87.6 mhz?

Present age is age of communication and FM Radio are the most effective and popular means of commutation. Considering the  importance of FM Radio NPC is running  a community Radio on 87.6 Mhz called Radio Upatyaka with the permission of Nepal Government, Ministry of information communication, since FY 063/64. It is first community radio registered in Kathmandu District.

The Main objectives of radio are as follows:

  1. To promote and preserve Nepalese culture and heritage and Native language of Nepal specially Kathmandu Valley.
  2. To share information regarding contemporary issue of the country.
  3. To aware general public about the importance of preservation of culture, language and environment for positive change.
  4. To bring on light those people who played vital role for culture preservation, social upliftment and betterment of the community and the country.
  5. To give Infotainment to the listeners.

 For smooth operation of the radio the club has partnership/collaboration with Right Media, Shankata Savings and Credit Cooperative and Nepal Bani Network.